Climate Justice

Climate Change is the most pressing issue of our time and how we leave the planet for future generations is a responsibility we all share. And, as it stands, the most vulnerable among us are already paying the price of rising sea levels, increased severity of drought, wildfires, and floods, and living with the harmful impacts of pollution. It is our responsibility to collectively address Climate Change in such a way so we do not perpetuate harm, but actively work to undo it. That way, we all benefit from a healthier, cleaner environment for us and future generations.



All Oregonians need the peace of mind that comes with having access to affordable, quality healthcare. No one should have to decide between taking care of a loved one or paying a utility bill. Working families, college students, seniors, people with disabilities – no one should have to worry about going to the doctor. Health care is a human right.



The time has come to address the affordable housing crisis like the crisis it is, with rent stabilization, increasing the number of shelters, increasing the housing supply, providing job training, and addiction or mental health services to those who need it. We cannot continue to have children, families, veterans, seniors, victims of domestic abuse living on the street. If we expect our children to succeed in school, our families to thrive, and workers to grow our economy, then everyone deserves a healthy place to live and a stable roof over their head.



We can do better for our schools and our kids. Teachers and students deserve smaller class sizes and more support. Being saddled with overwhelming student loan debt and ever increasing testing requirements is not what teachers deserve, but this is what we ask of them to educate our children. And our students deserve to graduate and be prepared for a job, with critical thinking skills and job training. Let’s provide teachers and students with the resources they need to be successful.


Safety & Security

Nearly every day, we hear about another shooting in America. School shootings, mass shootings, police shootings of people of color, and domestic violence shootings have become the norm. This is unacceptable. There are common sense solutions to gun ownership that will get guns out of the hands of criminals, domestic abusers, and those in mental health crisis. And our first responders must be given the support and training they need to identify implicit bias, so we can all feel safe and have the utmost trust and confidence in our law enforcement professionals.


Transportation & Jobs

Oregonians need safe, reliable transportation systems that includes public transportation options, as well as improvements to surface streets, highways, and bridges. When the next Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake hits, we need to be ready. This includes improving our infrastructure and disaster preparedness. These improvements will mean additional jobs for skilled labor in the trades and the opportunity to grow the wind and solar job market and shift away from our dependence on fossil fuels.