Why I’m Running 

I’m a progressive, Democrat running for Oregon State Representative in House District 33 because Oregon needs bold, innovative leadership. Leadership who listens and is grounded in the perspective of the people, not corporations and special interests.

Be bold.

I’m running because the status quo isn’t working. Racist institutions and systems that have persisted for centuries must change. It’s time for women, People of Color, folks from the LGBTQAI+ community, people with disabilities, youth, and others who have been marginalized to be at the forefront of that change. It’s time to rebuild our institutions, in order for us all to prosper and thrive within them.

Be brave.

I am running because we need more elected officials who have lived experiences similar to people in the community. Our community deserves a representative who will follow in the footsteps of our current Representative and will act with compassion, empathy, and unwavering tenacity. We need a representative who will fight for racial and social justice, and fight for better environmental protections and a stronger education system.

Be better.

We can all be proud of the work the Oregon Legislature has done to pass progressive legislation that ensured access to healthcare options for Oregonians, kept families safe from the threat of gun violence, and helped small businesses succeed in our economy. And we can do more to combat the national attacks on immigrants, women’s reproductive rights, and the environment. We are better than that.

I’m ready to be a bold, brave leader for HD33, and continue to fight the important fights. Are you ready to fight with me?

In Solidarity,

Serin Bussell (she/her/hers)